Madhya Pradesh Online Lottery

After being banned and inactive for nearly three decades, the Madhya Pradesh lottery finally gained some momentum in August 2021. As it was repealed, Madhya Pradesh lotteries are now ready to make a comeback.

However, the stipulated time needs to be given by the state authority about when they will resume the draws. For the time being, online lottery draws can also be played in the state.

Let’s look at the lottery laws for both online and offline platforms in Madhya Pradesh.

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Lottery Laws in Madhya Pradesh


Madhya Pradesh government lottery draw tickets may not be allowed to be sold online, whenever they will be resumed. The lotteries that can be played online in Madhya Pradesh are international lottery draws provided by some lottery websites that are headquartered and registered outside of India.

Visiting and participating through these websites is not banned or illegal, as long as they are not owned and operated in India and accept and provide payments in INR. These lottery websites are a great alternative to traditional paper lotteries and are also safe as long as they are licensed and regulated.


As mentioned before, Madhya Pradesh state lotteries are currently inactive. The lottery has been banned in the state for the past three decades and has recently been repealed and the ban has been removed. However, no draw has been conducted even after one year of the repeal.

The Directorate of Small Savings and State Lotteries is the organiser of the Madhya Pradesh State Lottery. The draws are regulated and supervised by the Department of Finance and the State Government. The lottery draws began in the 1970s and were aimed at generating revenues and controlling gambling activities.

The tickets, before the ban, were sold at ration stores, paan shops and small vendors. There were weekly draws which were conducted under supervision. 

How To Buy Lottery Tickets Online in Madhya Pradesh?

Buying lottery tickets online in Madhya Pradesh is easy. All you need is a decent internet connection and an online payment mode to make the purchase. The steps given below will guide you to buy international lottery draw tickets through any regulated lottery website.

  1. Choose a website and register yourself as a player with it.
  2. Submit all the required documents, information and payment details to verify your account.
  3. Choose the lottery you wish to enter. There are plenty of options available, choose the one which attracts you more.
  4. Select the number of tickets you want to buy and the days of the draws.
  5. Make the payment for each entry.
  6. Wait for the draw date and check the results on the lottery website. 

Websites like Lottoland, Lotto247, The Lotter, Playhugelottos and LottoSmile are quite famous among Indian punters. Playing the online lottery is quite different from the traditional paper lottery and offers some extra features and benefits. For instance, you can choose the numbers on each ticket. Also, you can enter multiple draws at the same time. 

The price of international lottery tickets may be a bit higher; it is somewhere between INR 250 to INR 500. This price range is a bit higher than traditional lotteries which may cost INR 100 at the most. However, the winning jackpot is much higher than what you will get in government lottery draws. 

How To Buy Lottery Tickets Offline in Madhya Pradesh?

Madhya Pradesh state lotteries are not sold anywhere at present and are currently inactive. If we look at the time when it was active, it was sold by the majority of vendors and shop owners. The easy availability explains its wide participation by the people. Also, the cost of each ticket was quite cheap.

There were three lottery schemes under which daily draws were conducted from Monday to Sunday in Madhya Pradesh. The first scheme was MP Daily which cost INR 2 per ticket and the winning prize was INR 1 Lakh. The second scheme was MP Deluxe which cost INR 5 per ticket and the winning prize was INR 5 Lakh. The third scheme was MP Super which cost INR 20 per ticket and the winning prize was INR 10 Lakh. 

These are the old schemes and there is no news or information about the new schemes. These will help you gain an idea of what you can expect when the Madhya Pradesh Lottery draws will resume. Also, these tickets were not sold online and may continue to follow this in future as well. 

Bottom Line

Madhya Pradesh lottery is one of the 13 legal state lotteries in India. But, it has been inactive for the past three decades, unlike other states where daily draws are being held regularly. Some announcements were made in August 2021 by the state authorities about the state-owned lottery draws getting resumes. However, no action has been seen since then.

If you are living in Madhya Pradesh and want to participate in traditional lottery draws, you can visit other states where lottery draws are active. International lottery websites are also a great deal of entertainment and if the odds are in your favour you may also win a huge jackpot while sitting at home. 

It is advised that the lottery is a pure game of chance and one must play it responsibly. Also, make sure you buy lottery tickets from an authorised vendor, if purchasing offline, or from a licensed and regulated website, if purchasing online. 


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