Andar Bahar Game Online

Andar Bahar is a popular Indian card game that is now available to play online for real money and for free. In this guide, we will walk you through the basics of the game, including how to play, the different betting options, and some tips for finding the best sites to play real money Andar Bahar online.

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What Is Andar Bahar Online Game?

The Andar Bahar card game began in Bangalore as Mangatha or Katti. It's a type of gambling which is played without real money. But now, with the help of the internet, the game can be played online with real money.

Compared with online card games like Blackjack or Baccarat, Andar Bahar online game is a new development. But this card game has loyal players who enjoy playing and winning actively. Furthermore, the game is not complicated to understand, and many individuals can play it. 

This particular online card game is played the same way as you normally do with your family and friends. But the only difference here is whether or not you are playing with other players or by yourself, and you can play for free or real money. The online Andar Bahar game is immersive, intense and fast-paced. 

As a player, you will surely be captivated by the game's total addiction and fast-paced action. A popular feature of this particular game is that it's completely portable. You don't need chips, wheels, or a gaming table to play. You just need a set of cards to begin the game. 

The Andar Bahar online game will offer you a mobile experience when you play on the online platform. You can easily access the card game through your smartphone, tablet or computer whenever possible. It's one of the best ways to keep busy and interested during your free time. 

Andar Bahar Origin

Even though the online Andar Bahar real cash game has gained popularity within the past several years. The game's roots can be drafted back to Bangalore. The records are pretty blurry because no proper date is mentioned or exists that can prove that the card game started in Bangalore. 

But when it comes to playing cards, it originated around 1000 CE in China. After 1625 these playing cards emerged in India. Most of the card games in India use round cards with twelve cards and ten suits to every suit, which Andar Bahar probably would've developed later. 

The name of the game defines the whole action. This means the Andar Bahar online cash game simply means "Inside" [Andar] and "Outside" [Bahar]. You will also find many individuals explaining the game as "Right" and "Left".

Online Andar Bahar Real Money Casinos 

Although you will find an online Andar Bahar card game available across various platforms online. But this card game is also at many real money casinos where players can earn cash by playing this card game. All these casinos are authorised and controlled by a reputed company and have secure payment methods. 

Moreover, these online casinos also have various casino games that players can check out. Casino games, such as blackjack, baccarat, poker, online slots for real money, etc., will give you the chance to win big time. 

Even though these online casinos offer the Andar Bahar and various games, they also possess different tools that can help you control the gameplay. Besides that, they also offer casino bonuses, promotions, rewards and loyalty programs to all players.

Top Andar Bahar Casinos in India 2023


Jackpot Guru

Andar Bahar Options:

Jackpot Guru is one of the leading new online casinos in India that offers a live version of the Andar Bahar game. Launched back in 2021, the platform instantly became one of the best Indian casino platforms. 

At the moment they have a live version provided by Evolution and an Andar Bahar Betgames version provided by

Banking Options:

UPI, Netbanking, Visa, Mastercard, Jeton, Astropay, Payz & Rupay

Licence & Safety:

JackpotGuru provides secure and trusted services with our platform, proudly licensed by the Isle of Man.



Andar Bahar Games:

10Cric has 9 different Andar Bahar Games including live Andar Bahar for their players, They also have houses two classic Andar Bahar tables, two RNG tables, one VIP table and one No Commission table.


This is another great wagering platform in India, and it's operated and regulated under the Curacao License.

Payment Options:

10Cric is viewed as the go-to platform for cryptocurrency. They also provide these options: UPI AstroPay INB Google Pay, PhonePe, Paytm, BHIM, MobiKwik, Airtel, Jio...etc. Jeton Neteller Skrill BTC, LTC, ETH (ERC20), USDT (ERC20), BSV, TRX, USDT (TRC20), USDC (TRC-20)

Casino Days

Casino Days

Casino Days Andar Bahar

Andar Bahar Games:

Casino Days has seven andar bahar games in total. Most of them are live games from reputable game studios like Bombay and Eguzi. Some of the andar bahar games are Super Andar Bahar by Evolution Games and Andar Bahar by TVBET.

All of these games are easily accessible; just 1-click away by downloading Casino Days APK for their official app.


Casino Days is operated and regulated under the Curacao License.

Payment Options:

UPI & Netbanking, Paytm, Google Pay, Visa Card, MasterCard, Neteller, Skill, Paysafecard, Bitcoin, Jeton, etc.

How to Play Andar Bahar

Andar Bahar is the simplest form of a card game ever to exist. It's easy to learn, and every player has to follow all the rules and regulations. The preliminary intent of this game is to choose the side, ANDAR or BAHAR will have the same card value as a "JOKER" card. 

The Andar Bahar game is ranked 4th by all the number of players, and it's also the 1st among all the other table games in India. Since the game draws all the high-rollers, it increases the gaming sessions' length and turnovers. 

Teen Patti and Andar Bahar can easily generate around 13.5% of the turnover among all the top casino games. It also generates 10% of the player count in the top 100 titles. 

Like some of the other top games in India, such as card games like Rummy and Teen Patti, a love of Andar Bahar is usually passed down through the generations of a family.

The rise of the internet and a growing number of Indian online casinos have breathed fresh life into a game that some felt was becoming stale and going out of fashion due to a rise in modern alternatives.

Once you learn how to play Andar Bahar, it will become easier for you to play the game, even if it's your first time doing so. The game starts when the dealer begins dealing with the cards. The dealer will deal his first cards that are open faces. This 1st card is known as the "TRUMP CARD" or "JOKER CARD". Now comes the real part, which is known as "placing the bets", and here's what you must do: 

  • The 1st Bet 

    When all the cards are dealt with, bets are opened to all the players. You can place the 1st bet, either Andar or Bahar. When the card dealt with Andar is the Joker card, the person who wagered on Andar will win, and the individual betting on Bahar will lose. So, when the Bahar card is the Joker, if you or someone else wagered on it, Bahar would surely win. This means the person betting on Andar will lose. 

  • The 2nd Bet 

    When the first set of cards cannot ensure a loss or win, they deal the card again. During the second time, all the bets will be placed the same as before. This means you will surely win when the Bahar card is the Joker and you have placed your bets on Bahar. Conversely, if you place your bets on Andar, you will win only when Andar's card is the Joker. 

    Apart from that, this card game is also played to draw all the cards with the same rank and the middle card. This means that you need to guess which side, "Andar or Bahar," the next same value card will appear on. The dealer will keep drawing the card unless such a card is found. 

    Remember, all the known cards drawn and do not have the same rank as the middle card will be placed on the right or self of that card. Once the card is drawn, the winners will be determined. The winner will depend heavily on the number of cards. 

    When there are cards with odd numbers, unless the middle card gets drawn, the Andar bet will be won. So, when the number of cards gets even, the Bahar wins. 

  • How to Place Bets on the Andar Bahar Card Game? 

    The minimum bet you have to place to take part in the Andar Bahar gameplay online is INR 10, making it much easier for you to participate. There is a diverse range of live casino tables and games, and you can pick a betting limit that matches perfectly with your monetary preferences. 

    The common procedure here is to get instructions for placing the bets once you display the lead card. Within seconds, you will get the opportunity to choose between Andar and Bahar for placing your bets. 

  • The Side Bets 

    The side bets are available as additional or extra bets for several Andar Bahar games. For instance, players will get the chance to place their bets on the dealer's next card. There are multiple options available regarding side bets, so you can choose the one you need.

    To place the wager, you just have to press on the displayed chip amount and then press on the card image. You will find the instructions on how to place all the wagers on the screen, so be sure to check them out. 

The Andar Bahar Game Rules 

When you have decided to play the Andar Bahar game, there are some general Andar Bahar game rules and gameplay components that you must remember. Even though the online and live casinos will have their own rules, here are the actual rules of this particular game. 

  • Once the deck gets cut, a card is revealed to all the players. 
  • Bets are placed only when cards with the same face value appear on the right [Right] and left [Andar]. 
  • The betting areas for Andar and Bahar are handed cards. The dealing starts with the Andar when the 1st card of clubs or spades [black suit]. The dealing will begin with Bahar when the cards are hearts or diamonds [red suit]. 
  • The two cards get dealt in each online wagering area, and all the players get to place their final wagers when more betting is included. 
  • The cards are dealt at a time at every wagering place, and players must wait for a match. 
  • The round will conclude when any wagering section gets the same value card as the selected card. 
  • As a player, if you place your bet on Bahar or Andar, you will win the game. 
  • The dealer will win all the other wagers. 

Different Andar Bahar Casino Games

  • Live Andar Bahar

    Playing live casino games has become extremely popular in this modern world. Individuals will get the chance to play the Andar Bahar live, where they can interact with the dealer and the other players. You can easily access the live version of this game from your laptop, smartphone, desktop or tablet. You also need a stable internet connection so that you don't experience any issues.

  • Free Andar Bahar

    The free version of the Andar Bahar game is available across all online gaming platforms. The free version is ideal for all those first-timers who wish to check how exactly the game is. Playing the free version means you will not be investing funds. You can play the game for free and get to practice skills or techniques before you opt for the real money one. You can access the free version from all your devices without any hassle.

  • Mobile Andar Bahar

    You will come across numerous casinos that offer their mobile version. Through the mobile casino apps, you can easily access the casino site and get to play the card game effectively. You will find both the iOS or Android versions of the application available on the casino site. Choose the one you like so you can download the app and start playing the card game.

  • RNG Andar Bahar

    The Andar Bahar game with the RNG or random number generator option is slightly different from the other versions. It's mainly because the RNG ones are completely digital. The RNG, rather than the dealer, deals with all the cards. You can access this version through online casino sites and their respective applications.

Winning Strategies For Andar Bahar

Even though experienced bettors can use numerous strategies in this particular card game, in this section, you will get to know about the two primary strategies. These two strategies are: 

  • Martingale Strategy 

Double your bet after a loss, increasing winning potential but reliant on chance. If you wagered INR 100 and lost, bet INR 200 next time. This approach aims to recover losses and secure profit upon winning, though it carries risk.

  • Anti-Martingale Strategy 

This method doubles your bet after winning. It suits risk-averse players who want to preserve funds. You can even raise bets after wins, limiting losses even if you lose later. If lucky, big wins are possible; e.g., bet INR 100, win, and make INR 200.

These strategies enhance Andar Bahar gameplay for big wins. But remember, the best strategy is playing within your limits to avoid excessive losses. Responsible play ensures a rewarding wagering experience.

  • Check Out the Payouts 

Andar Bahar online casinos feature top-notch payment methods like Paytm, Google Pay, Neteller, VISA, MasterCard, Skrill, and more. These options assure complete security. You're free to pick your preferred method for seamless deposits and withdrawals. Moreover, these casinos employ SSL encryption to safeguard your financial data.

Andar Bahar Software Providers

Andar Bahar is available across various online casino sites, but that doesn't mean they create them. All casino games, including Andar Bahar, are created and supplied by some top-notch software or gaming providers. 

There are many of them available in the market. You will learn about some of them in this section. 

Evolution Gaming Ezugi One Touch
Known as the "Father of Live Games", this software provider is the best and the most trusted live casino game provider on the planet. The company knows how to deliver all players a world-class live gaming experience. They have Bollywood tables, which are available in English and Hindi and streamed from their studio. This is another great software provider that keeps its focus on offering live gaming experiences to all Indian players. But that's not all. The company also supplies and creates high-quality games, and the Andar Bahar table comes in Hindi and English. You will also find the card game available across numerous casino platforms. This software provider is best known as a provider of mobile games. They provide a blend of the table and slot games and utilise the RNG option. It also carries a license from UK Gambling Commission and Malta Gaming Authority. Their Andar Bahar Table is ideal for all players looking for a non-live option for this famous card game.

Andar Bahar FAQs

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