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How to Play Andar Bahar at Indian Online Casinos

Andar Bahar is often referred to as India's favourite card game and it is now available to play at a number of top online casinos that operate in the country.

Sometimes referred to as Katti - even though there are actually some subtle differences between the two games - Andar Bahar is popular among casual players and serious gamblers alike, with the latter having a chance to show off their skills and win real money at casino sites.

Like some of the other top games in India, such as card games like Rummy and Teen Patti, a love of Andar Bahar is usually passed down through the generations of a family. The rise of the internet and a growing number of Indian online casinos have breathed fresh life into a game that some felt was becoming stale and going out of fashion due to a rise in modern alternatives.

Andar Bahar is now arguably more popular than ever before, with people around the world, not just in India, becoming more enamoured with the card game. Here is our complete guide to playing Andar Bahar at Indian online casino sites - read on for everything that you need to know.

Introduction to Andar Bahar

The history of Andar Bahar is believed to date back several centuries. It is widely understood to have first been played in the city of Bangalore in Southern India - where its local name is Ullae Veliyae - but it is now popular all over the country and, indeed, throughout large parts of Asia and even in the rest of the world. Indians have taken it to fresh corners of the globe over the years.

The name Andar Bahar refers to the two sides of the game. Andar refers to the right side for the dealer, which is of course the left side for the player. In the game, Bahar is the left side for the dealer, which means that is on the right side for the player. Andar Bahar, which is translated roughly as in and out or inside and outside, can be played completely for fun rather than real betting, but many people now like to play the game for money at Indian online casino sites.

The rapid rise in the popularity of Andar Bahar betting can be traced back to the first gambling apps that were available for mobile devices. Being able to bet on Andar Bahar from a device that fits in the palm of a hand had a transformative impact on how many people play this card game.

In the game, which is almost entirely a game of chance, unlike a card game such as poker, players simply have to bet on one of two piles: Andar (inside) or Bahar (outside). The dealer starts the game by placing a random card face up. The player then makes their bet. Cards from a standard 52-card pack are dealt alternately to the two piles until a card emerges that matches the original card. At this point, the round is over and the winner is the largest pile of cards.

One of the reasons why playing online Andar Bahar at real money casinos in India is its simplicity, while the steady house edge is another reason so many people opt to play it. With the house edge standing at around 5%, it offers better value than many casino games.

How to play Andar Bahar

As one of the easiest card games in the world, learning how to play Andar Bahar is simple, even for those who have never tried to play before. Most Indians grow up playing Andar Bahar at home with their families, though, and will already be familiar with the basics of playing the game.

In the most simple terms, Andar Bahar is an easy game of chance where players have to pick between Andar (inside) or Bahar (outside) - making a bet on one of them if playing for money.

The dealer starts the round by turning over a card. Players then make their bet. The dealer then alternately adds cards to each pile until a card matches the number on the original card. At this point, whichever out of Andar (inside) or Bahar (outside) has the most cards wins.

Most of the time, which pile receives a card first depends on the colour of the house card. If the house card is black, then the first card is dealt to the Andar pile. In the event that the house card is red instead, then the first card is dealt to the Bahar pile. However, some online casinos in India now always deal the first card to Andar, with the second card dealt to Bahar and so on.

Naturally, it is clear that the best chance of winning lies with the pile that receives the first card, whether that is the Andar pile or the Bahar pile.

As a result, many people who like to play Andar Bahar at real money online casinos in India will always choose to place bets on whichever pile receives the first card in a round.

However, as there is less chance of the pile receiving a card second being the winner, this means bigger payouts are often up for grabs for those who are willing to risk a bet on this side.

Various other side bets are offered at real money online casinos in India, as well as the basic wager on whether the winning pile will be on the Andar side or the Bahar side of the dealer.

For example, it might be possible to place another wager after the second hand has been dealt. This affects the odds and payouts as a result, but lots of people like to play the game this way.

Additionally, other side bets at Indian online casinos offering Andar Bahar games could include the number of cards that will be dealt before the round comes to a conclusion. In fact, sometimes it is even possible to bet on the rank, suit or colour of the house card that is turned over at the start of a game of Andar Bahar before the round has been started by the dealer.

In terms of any tips and tricks for winning at Andar Bahar, as the game is all about chance rather than any skill, there is little players can do to increase their chances of winning cash on the game. However, some people use strategies such as always betting on the same pile, either Andar or Bahar, regardless of the different rules that are in place at Indian real money casinos.

Where to Play Andar Bahar Online

Andar Bahar is now available widely online, with many Indian real money casinos allowing players to bet real money on this popular card game, although it is possible to play for free as well. Indeed, many of these casinos now even have their own mobile apps, which means it is easier than ever to have a bet on a game of Andar Bahar, perhaps even while out and about.

Andar Bahar is commonly offered at live casinos in India too. These live casino games are hosted by human dealers, which adds a social element as players can chat to them. At the live casino, players can feel more assured that a game of Andar Bahar is fully fair to them due to the fact they can see a dealer physically turning over each card, rather than it being automated. RNG - a random number generator - is otherwise used to determine the outcome of a round.

Free versions of Andar Bahar are often offered at Indian real money casinos too. This means that players are able to test their luck on a round or two without risking any of their own cash.

Top Five Real Money Casinos in India that Offer Andar Bahar

Many real money casinos in India now offer Andar Bahar among the many different games they have available to players. There are some that are ahead of the pack, like these five top sites:

  • Betway Casino
  • LeoVegas
  • Casumo
  • Pure Win (Pure Casino)
  • Casino Days

Kicking things off in our list of the top five real money casinos in India that offer Andar Bahar is the Betway Casino. Andar Bahar is one of the card games that can be played at the live casino section of the Betway site. Here, wagers are paid at 1.9x the stake for both Andar and Bahar.

LeoVegas is up next, with this Indian online casino a great choice for people who want to play real money Andar Bahar games on a mobile device such as a smartphone. At the LeoVegas casino, there is a choice of live Andar Bahar games from two providers: Playtech and Ezugi.

Depositing and withdrawing money at Casumo is 100% free, which is one of the reasons it makes our selection of the top five real money casinos in India for Andar Bahar games. Casumo's live casino offers Andar Bahar, along with other titles like Teen Patti and Dragon Tiger.

Pure Win - which used to be known as Pure Casino - has a range of live Andar Bahar games to try out. A speed version of Andar Bahar is a lot of fun and Pure Win has Teen Patti games too.

Wrapping up the top five real money casinos in India that offer Andar Bahar is Casino Days. This is one of the Indian real money casinos that also allows users to play Andar Bahar for free.

Andar Bahar Software Providers

Andar Bahar games and live tables have been created by some of the top software providers and game developers in the world of iGaming. Among the very best of them are the following:

  • Ezugi: Founded around a decade ago, Ezugi is one of the top developers of Andar Bahar games that can be played at real money casinos in India. Ezugi's Andar Bahar games feature eight side bets. Andar bets payout at 0.9:1 and Bahar at 1:1 in Ezugi's games.
  • Playtech: Live Andar Bahar casino games are often made by Playtech, an iGaming company that was founded all the way back in 1999. With so much experience and expertise, Playtech is a very solid choice for live Andar Bahar casino games.
  • Super Spade Games: Another iGaming company that makes live Andar Bahar casino games is Super Spade Games. This live dealer supplier is a newly designed studio based in Europe and it uses superior H5 mobile technology in its casino titles.
  • OneTouch: Most Andar Bahar games at Indian casino sites are played with live dealers, but OneTouch is one of the few software developers to have made an RNG Andar Bahar game that is instead automated. Indeed, back in April 2019, the developer launched what was the world's first-ever portrait mobile version of Andar Bahar, breaking new ground.
  • Woohoo Games: Completing our list of the major software providers to have created Andar Bahar games and live tables is Woohoo Games. Its version of Andar Bahar features background music to get people in the mood for playing a few rounds. There are five side bets in the Andar Bahar game from Woohoo Games, which has 95.08 RTP. 

Andar Bahar FAQs

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Last updated: 6/11/2021