Bihar Lottery

Bihar - one of India’s largest states - adheres to the gambling and lottery-related laws of the nation. The Bihar Lottery Ban Act 1993 forbids the residents of Bihar from buying and possessing offline lottery tickets. Any violation of the act mandates the individual to pay penalty charges.

Thus, the physical buying and selling of lottery tickets are entirely illegal in Bihar. However, the Bihar Lottery Ban Act doesn’t outline or specify anything about online lottery operations. Thus, buying online lottery tickets is a legal and ideal choice for people in Bihar.

This guide will look closely at the legal status of both offline and online lotteries in Bihar. You’ll also learn how to buy online lottery tickets, the best online platforms to buy them from, and more.

Best Online Lottery Sites in Bihar (2023)

India Legal in India
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Legal Status of Lottery In Bihar

The list of states that permit the operation of national lotteries in their territories does not include Bihar. The Bihar Ban on Lottery Act, passed in 1993, clearly declares that lotteries are forbidden in Bihar.

Fortunately, online gambling companies provide lotto tickets for a few of the biggest draws worldwide. Therefore, even if you can’t purchase lottery tickets in person, you can do it online, allowing you to become wealthy if the numbers go down your way.

Buying Lottery Tickets Online in Bihar

Think if you purchase an online lottery ticket in Bihar and have your digits win a jackpot of many crores! You can increase your level of protection while still having a chance to win significant lottery prizes by purchasing online lottery tickets.

You are assured of the highest levels of global security when you purchase a lottery ticket online from one of our suggested sites. You may check your tickets, collect your wins, and purchase tickets by logging into your online lottery account from any device.

Additionally, buying lottery tickets online is just so much simpler. One can purchase a lotto ticket online in a few seconds after registering through one of the suggested Indian lottery websites and accepting your form of payment.

There are only a few minutes left till the draw. Using online lottery tickets, there is no issue! Simply select your preferred digits and click the payment option to proceed.

Steps To Buy an Online Lottery Ticket

  • Step 1: Choose one of the best lottery websites in India from the list we provided here. 
  • Step 2: Go to the draw you want to purchase the online lotto ticket.
  • Step 3: Decide whether you want the numbers to be picked randomly by the site or by yourself.
  • Step 4: Get the numbers and make payment for the ticket.
  • Step 5: Finally, wait for the draw.

Benefits of Buying Online Lottery Tickets

  • Find your previous game record to assist in selecting your upcoming fortunate numbers.
  • Your tickets won’t ever be lost.
  • Ability to examine every previous lotto ticket.
  • Tickets are kept in your profile on the lottery website.

Top Rated Online Lottery Sites In Bihar


LottoSmile - Top-Rated Online Lottery Platform In Bihar

Do you desire to see real online lotto artistry? So LottoSmile is right for you! The Lotter is among the most reputable lotto websites worldwide, and LottoSmile is their sole lottery website for India. 

In 2019, LottoSmile was developed with Indian players, including those from Bihar, and immediately gained prominence across India. They provide a personalized experience that several other online lotteries can’t because they have a site specifically for Indian participants.

One can participate in numerous high-reward lotteries, including Powerball, EuroMillions, Mega Millions, and many others, at LottoSmile. Another factor contributing to LottoSmile’s high ranking is its extensive selection of highly regarded online lottery games with affordable ticket costs.

With net banking, you may simply withdraw while paying with a debit or credit card.

Another reason LottoSmile is well known is for its fantastic, frequently updated offers.

Payment methods:

  • Rupay
  • Netbanking (IMPS)
  • Visa & Mastercard
  • Paytm Wallet


  • Several lotteries accept syndicate entries
  • Mobile app for iOS and Android
  • Real tickets are bought, scanned, and received
  • Play in more than 50 international lotteries


  • You need to spend big to get good discounts

LottoLand - Best Online Lottery Site In Bihar For Jackpots!

The largest lottery website on the globe is Lottoland. Among the numerous reasons it is regarded as the finest website for jackpots is due to the German woman who currently holds the record for the most substantial online betting payment, winning an incredible 780 crores!

With Lottoland’s ambition to emerge as one of the globe’s finest lottery sites, everything began in Gibraltar in 2013. With India and its states like Bihar in mind, they developed Lottoland Asia in 2020. 

The top online lottery website in India has now been firmly established thanks to this distinctive website again for the Indian audience. Along with that, they provide a lottery app that is extremely special compared to other Indian online lotteries.

You may take an interest in popular lottery drawings at Lottoland India and receive your lotto wins utilizing safe online payment options like Paytm and UPI. They’re indeed the sole online lottery in Bihar that accepts Paytm for purchases and refunds.

Another factor that makes Lottoland the greatest is that they feature drawings that are only available in India and offer the cheapest Powerball lottery tickets, costing only 300 rupees!

Here are the Lottoland online lottery tickets features that you shouldn’t miss out on:

  • Weekly 2-for-1 Deal - With Lottoland’s 50% reduction on Powerball lotto tickets, two for $300, you may boost your odds of winning!
  • Syndicates - Participate in a syndicate to maximize your currency investment. In a syndicate lotto, numerous players buy the exact same ticket to split the jackpot and lower the cost.
  • Daily Jackpots - The lottery jackpot titles like Jeeto Lotto and Malamaal Daily draw numerous times every day, so you won’t have to wait long to discover if you won!

Payment methods:

  • Bank Transfer 
  • UPI
  • Google Pay
  • Paytm


  • A jackpot payout guarantee
  • One-stop destination for the largest jackpot lottery games
  • Website is available in Hindi and English
  • Supports UPI and GPay withdrawals and deposits


  • No games available except for lotteries

Online Lottery Apps In Bihar

Apps for the Indian online lottery can only be found on mobile devices. Those lottery apps, which have amazing features like alerts and customized bonuses, can indeed be installed from a few of your preferred Indian online lottery sites.

Additionally, they’re optimized to run well on almost any mobile platform, including Android and iOS.

You must install their application if it exists after you’ve selected your preferred Indian lottery online using the list of highly-rated lotto sites.

Lottery software simplifies everything. You can get speedy online lottery ticket purchases, simple withdrawal demands, customized alerts, and special deals.

International Lotteries In Bihar 

Each of the suggested lotteries here is a worldwide lotto website. They all come with solid payout histories and are headquartered far outside India.

They remain fully legal to participate in all Indian states, including Bihar, because they’re foreign lottery websites, implying they are domiciled outside India.

All overseas lotteries, including EuroJackpot, EuroMillions, and Powerball, EuroMillions, are completely honest. Due to the size of such lotteries, there is a tremendous amount of security surrounding them.

This implies that you’ll get the cash award if you win one of their enormous lottery jackpots. The locations where you can buy lottery tickets, any additional features and the dates of the drawings are all detailed in our evaluation of the worldwide lottery.

Best Online Lottery Games In Bihar 

  • UK National Lottery - This lottery has a large following in Bihar thanks to its British influence and alluring rewards.
  • EuroJackpot - The two-drum design of EuroJackpot appeals to many players from Bihar.
  • MegaMillions - Another US lottery that has the potential to make participants from Bihar millionaires is MegaMillions.
  • Brazil Mega Sena - Bihar became aware of this Brazilian lotto after hearing about its alluring jackpot.
  • Lotto India - It is extremely well-liked by homegrown players because it is the sole national lottery that can be played online from Bihar.
  • Powerball - Bihar players frequently play it since they know they might anticipate huge payouts in this game.
  • Italy Superenalotto - It is a well-liked lottery in Bihar due to its low ticket cost for a big lottery.
  • EuroMillions - Players of EuroMillions in Bihar like having two opportunities to win each week in these lotto events.

Learn How To Play Online Lottery In Bihar

With so many fantastic lottery websites currently accessible, playing the online lottery in Bihar is simple.

From Bihar, it is simple to play the best lotteries in the world; all you need is a mobile device and a digital payment method.

You can buy a lottery ticket in a matter of seconds, and there are several reliable Indian online lottery sites available here. Each one has undergone a comprehensive evaluation, and each site offers the same functionality for playing online lotteries.

All that is required is the following:

  • Choose a lottery website from our list that is in India.
  • Make an account and a deposit.
  • Choose the lottery draw you want to participate in.
  • After selecting your lucky numbers and purchasing a ticket, watch for the draw.

Domestic Offline Lottery Is Banned In Bihar: Learn All About It 

  • Ban on Physical Purchase & Selling of Lottery In Bihar

No one must be allowed to engage in the business or trade of lotteries, serve as an agent or proponent in connection with any lottery, nor must they sell, disperse, or acquire any lotto ticket inside the boundaries of Bihar State, excluding any contract or agreement inputted into through the State Government for any person.

  • Penalty

Anyone who sells, promotes or buys lottery tickets or who works as an organizer, sponsor, or dealer in the lottery faces a sentence of a maximum of two years in jail, a penalty up to 10,000 rupees, or a combination of the two.

Other Lottery-Related Law Violations

If somebody is considering promoting or running a lottery -

  • a) publishes or prints any coupon, ticket, or other record intended to be used in the lottery; 
  • b) sells, distributes, offers, or advertises any such ticket, coupon, or other documents to be used in the lottery; or 
  • c) prints, publishes, distributes, or has in his own any such document intended for distribution or publication.

Future of Bihar Lottery

We hope to soon see online government-backed lottery services in India since we think that the Bihar lottery’s future lies online. And that is unquestionably feasible. Players in Bihar already have access to well-known online lotteries with big payouts from abroad.

The distinction is that they are operating from a country other than India. The Indian government must recognize the benefits of internet lotteries and introduce online access to state lotteries.

Top-Rated Online Lottery Tickets To Purchase In Bihar 

There are many lottery games for which you may get tickets in India, but obviously, some are greater than others. The top online lotto tickets offered in India are listed below after the tickets were graded based on various criteria.

Despite the length of our rating methodology, the following three aspects are the most important to us:

  • Jackpot Size

When determining the best sites for online lottery tickets, we consider their jackpot size. That’s because sites with larger as well as moderate jackpot sizes are always better than the ones with smaller jackpot sizes.

  • Prize Tiers

We considered the online lottery sites with a unique and increased number of prize tiers. We always choose the sites whose prize tier rewards low, average, and high amounts.

  • Ticket Cost

We always want the best for players from Bihar. Thus, we only pick and advise the Indian online lottery sites that come with reasonable ticket costs. We don’t want to ruin the fun of the game by suggesting something that would put a hole in your pocket.

Our comprehensive list of the top Indian online lottery tickets is provided below.

1. PowerBall

Key Highlights:

  • The largest jackpot ever
  • Accessible for purchase at all Indian online lottery websites
  • Three draws per week; more expensive tickets
  • There are only a few jackpot wins’ each year.

In Indian states like Bihar, as well as the rest of the world, Powerball is the most bought lottery ticket. It is simple to see why it has been given the world record for the largest lottery jackpot.

Another factor making Powerball lottery tickets the finest of all to purchase is their accessibility on Indian lottery websites. Additionally, these are the tickets that are most commonly on sale.

Free tickets are typically included among the bonus offers on lottery websites. All of our suggested Indian lottery websites offer Powerball online lottery ticket sales. For 300 rupees, purchase a Powerball lottery ticket in India.

2. Mega Millions

Key Highlights: 

  • The second-largest lottery jackpot in history 
  • Plenty of ticket promos
  • Weekly, only two draws
  • The chances of winning the prize are slim

One of the highest jackpot rewards in the world may be yours if you purchase a Mega Millions lottery ticket. With more than US$1.5 billion, it has received the second-largest lottery reward ever.

All of the suggested Indian lottery sites sell Mega Millions tickets, just like you can find Powerball tickets there. It is among the greatest lottery tickets to purchase due to its accessibility.

They are wonderful tickets for buying for another reason—many websites sell them in lottery syndicates, so you may raise your chances of winning. Compared to most of the Indian lottery websites, Mega Millions online lottery tickets cost 300 rupees, which is reasonable.

3. Jeeto Lotto 

Key Highlights:

  • There are no draws from 08.55 AM to 03.33 PM IST.
  • Lotto tickets for just 80 rupees
  • 4-minute drawing cycle
  • Jackpot worth 3.6 crores
  • Exclusive to Lottoland

Due to the low price of just 80 rupees per ticket, Jeeto Lotto, a Lottoland Asia special edition, is among the finest online lotto tickets one can purchase in Bihar. The lottery tickets produced on this site are among India’s cheapest ones available online.

You get the option of winning 3.6 crores over 270 times daily, considering that there are draws within every four minutes. It’s extraordinary to be able to purchase lottery tickets so frequently each day and learn the results of the draw in less than four minutes. Anytime you want, you can achieve the status of crorepati!

Online Lotteries in India


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