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Are you looking for a good place to play Teen Patti real cash games? Check our guide to find your Teen Patti casino that offers Teen Patti live casino games and an APK download. Our list only includes legal and safe casinos, allowing local Indian banking options for deposits and withdrawals.

Play Teen Patti Live Casino Games for Real Money

India Legal in India
Secure & Trustworthy
Approved by BettingGuide
Casino Days
Welcome Bonus up to ₹1 Lakh
  • Unified Payments Interface (UPI)
  • Paytm
  • PhonePe
  • +
  • Over 4000 Casino Games
  • ₹500 Minimum Deposit
  • Accepts UPI, PayTM, G Pay, AstroPay, Jeton, and more!
Up to ₹16,00,000
  • Google Pay
  • Bitcoin
  • VISA
  • Mastercard
  • Instant Withdrawals
  • Trusted Crypto Casino for Indians (90+ Cryptocurrencies)
  • Online Community with Live Chat Feed
150% Up to ₹1,05,000 Casino Bonus
  • Paytm
  • Unified Payments Interface (UPI)
  • PhonePe
  • +
  • Massive Jackpots
  • 1000's of Casino Games
  • Fast Withdrawals

Top 3 Teen Patti Casino Sites 2023

Online casinos are good places to play real cash Teen Patti games, but finding the best one that meets your needs is difficult. So, our experts at BettingGuide registered and tried 70+ Teen Patti casinos and picked the best three options for you:

Casino Days, BC.Game and Parimatch have many variations of this popular card game, including Teen Patti live casino games. They hold valid casino licences, so they're safe and legit.

These Teen Patti casino sites cater to Indian players, allowing Indian rupees on player accounts, local Indian banking options, and other Indian favourite games like Dragon Tiger. Mobile apps are also available for APK downloads on their websites.

🔽See below the overview of each 3 Patti casino sites and try out the one that attracts you most!

Casino Days

Casino Days: Teen Patti Live Casino + APK Download Available

Live 3 Patti Games - Casino Days


  • Teen Patti Live Casino:
    Casino Days offers a good selection of 3 Patti live and RNG games in addition to its massive game portfolio of over 4,000 games. If you sign up, you can also play some of their 3 Patti games for free.
  • Banking Options:
    They cater to Indian players by deploying some of the popular Indian banking options such as Paytm and UPI.
  • Mobile App:
    Users can download Casino Days APK to get an official app on Android smartphones and tablets.
  • Welcome Offer:
    New players from India are eligible for the welcome deposit bonus of 100% Up to ₹20,000. This bonus means you can receive a maximum of 20,000 Indian rupees in your bonus balance on your first deposit, depending on how much you deposit for the first time.


  • Valid Curaçao e-Gaming licence
  • Under compliance management of Xecutive Corporate Mangement B.V. (XCM)

BC.Game: Teen Patti Live Casino & RNG Game + APK Download Available

3 Patti Games on BC.Game


  • Teen Patti Live Casino & RNG Game:
    BC.Game has created an exciting selection of 3 Patti real money games on their cryptocurrency-friendly platform. Some 3 Patti games can be tried for free without having an account with them.
  • Banking Options:
    In addition to 122 cryptocurrencies, they accept Indian banking options like Paytm and PhonePe.
  • Mobile App:
    The BC Game mobile app is available with an APK file and can be easily installed from their menu.
  • Welcome Offer:
    They offer welcome bonuses on your initial 4 deposits in their unique Crypto coin, BC Dollar (BCD): Match Bonus 180% Up to 20,000 BCD; Match Bonus 240% Up to 40,000 BCD; Match Bonus 300% Up to 60,000 BCD; and Match Bonus 360% Up to 100,000 BCD. 1 BCD is equivalent to 1 USD. You can deposit Indian rupees and receive these bonuses, but they can be credited in BCD only.


  • Valid Curaçao e-Gaming licence
  • Verified by Crypto Gambling Foundation (CGF)
  • Game fairness certified by iTech Labs

Parimatch: Teen Patti Live Casino & RNG Games + APK Download Available

Live 3 Patti Games on Parimatch


  • Teen Patti Live Casino & RNG Games:
    Parimtach has many Teen Patti real cash game titles; 4 in Slots, 13 in Live Casino, and 1 in the TV Games section. Some of them are available for free play, too
  • Banking Options:
    It allows many Indian banking options from Paytm, UPI, and PhonePe to Rupay. Indian players can deposit Indian rupees on Parimatch.
  • Mobile App:
    It offers both Android and iOS mobile apps through an APK file and App Store, respectively.
  • Welcome Offer:
    Parimatch India rewards new players for their first deposit with 2 different offers: (📌Exclusive offer) Sports Welcome Bonus 150% Up to ₹30,000; and Slots Welcome Bonus 150% Up to ₹1,05,000. Regardless of your preference for gambling, you are eligible for one of their generous bonuses.


  • Valid Curaçao e-Gaming licence
  • Rupay payment option available

Teen Patti Real Cash Game: What Is It?

  • Teen Patti, also known as 3 Patti, is a card game created in the Indian subcontinent, and now you can play it for real cash online. Most people from India likely grew up playing some form of Teen Patti at home, which is why the game is phenomenally popular. A playable group is usually up to 10 people on Teen Patti real cash games.
  • Overview of Teen Patti

    The name of the game translates directly as 'three cards', some people resulting in writing it as "3 Patti" - this offers a clue as to how it works.

    Also known as flush or flash, Teen Patti is partly influenced by poker. The English game of three-card brag also had some influence on it.

    With the rise in popularity of online gambling in India, it is now easy to find ways to bet real money on this card game on popular Indian online casino sites.

  • Variations of Teen Patti

    Among the confusing elements for newcomers to the game is the high number of available variations. Some of the most popular Teen Patti games are as follows:

    • Best-of-four 
    • Wild draw 
    • Lowball 
    • Low wild 
    • High wild 
    • Bust card draw 
    • Stud 
    • High-low split 
    • Community 
    • Draw

    Players should try out a few variations of online Teen Patti real money games to find their favourites.

  • Teen Patti Rules

    Teen Patti rules depend on the variation of the game that is being played at the casino.

    In the standard form of the game, however, there is often a pot involved. This means that each player has to stake a certain amount of money before they even receive their cards.

    Players bet on who has the best hand. The value of the cards in a game is the same as in most other card games. The number on the card corresponds to its value.

    There are two main ways to play 3 Patti, seen or blind:

    1. Blind game: Players bet on the outcome without even looking at their own cards.
    2. Seen game: Players can look at their cards before continuing to stake cash on the outcome.

    The rules of Teen Patti real cash games at the casino can vary, so be sure to take a look before starting to play.

  • Hands in Teen Patti

    Combinations of cards are known as hands in this card game just like other card games such as poker.

    There are a lot of possible hands in a game of 3 Patti, but some are a lot more valuable than others. So, it's crucial to know the ranking of 3 Patti hands for your chosen variation of the game.

    The ranking of Teen Patti hands needs to be known by players so they can decide how to bet:

    • Three of a Kind: When a player has the same number card for all three of their cards.
    • Straight Flush: The cards are the same suit and next to each other in number value.
    • Straight: The cards are next to each other in number value, but different suits.
    • Flush: The three cards are all the same suit, for example, a trio of diamonds.
    • Pair: Two of the three cards are the same value, for example, a pair of kings.
    • High Card: If no player even has a pair, the person with the highest value cards wins.

    As regular casino card game players will see, these hands are very similar to a game of poker.

How to Play Teen Patti Online?

  1. Pick your Teen Patti casino and register for an account.
  2. Fund your account and open a Teen Patti real cash game of choice.
  3. In a game of 3 Patti, each player gets three cards face down. The dealer gives them in an anti-clockwise direction.
  4. The dealer also plays in Teen Patti games. The winner of the hand becomes the dealer for the next game.
  5. The player to the left of the dealer starts the betting. Other players can decide how much they want to bet on the hand. Like in poker, the player with the highest-value hand wins.

To begin with, you need to understand the rules of online Teen Patti real money games.

They're essentially the same as the traditional 3 Patti games; As is the case with most games of its type, the player with the best hand wins.

It's usually the case in a game of Teen Patti that a standard deck of 52 cards are used. The jokers are removed from the pack as they are not used in this card game.

Then, you need to find a platform to play 3 Patti games.

  • Teen Patti Casinos: Online casinos are good places to start for Indian users to play real cash Teen Patti games, considering various factors. Our recommended casinos are safe and legal. They welcome players from India, so any of them would be a good choice.

Why Online Casino is a Good Place to Play Real Cash Teen Patti?

Online casinos are a good place for Indian users to play Teen Patti real cash games because they offer:

  • Various real cash 3 Patti games;
  • 3 Patti live casino games;
  • Free 3 Patti games;
  • Local banking options like Paytm;
  • APK files to download mobile apps;
  • Legit & safe platform;
  • Generous bonuses & promotions;
  • Fair games; and
  • Chance to win real money!

Playing Teen Patti Online for Free

Playing Teen Patti online for free is possible. In fact, many online casinos offer free versions of some Teen Patti real cash games, but not always.

After all, if you are not paying to play their casino games, how can they make any money? But there is still the opportunity to play for free in some conditions.

Sign Up first.

Sign up first - It will still be necessary to have an account on your chosen casino site. The process should only take a few minutes to complete and will be quick and easy.

Whether you opt to play for real money or want to play for cash, an account on an online casino site is still going to be a must on 3 Patti casinos. When you're done trying for free, you can start playing for real money.

Tips & Strategy: Win Your Teen Patti Real Cash Game

Teen Patti is not the easiest game to win, but our tips and strategy might help you out. The opinion is split on whether there is actually any skill involved in the game or all luck, but here is our advice:

  1. Start Small
  2. Bluffing and Luck
  3. Take it Slow
  4. Stay Calm and Play Sober
  5. Practice for Free
  6. Gain Experience
  • 1

    Start Small

    • It is recommended to start with small bets as a result.
      This way, you can raise stakes only once you know how to get the most out of 3 Patti betting.
  • 2

    Bluffing and Luck

    • Teen Patti is essentially a game of bluffing.
      As a result, players should be careful not to make it too obvious whether they have good or bad cards in their hands. You want to keep the other players guessing about the way you play the game for as long as possible.
  • 3

    Take it Slow

    • In general, 3 Patti players follow the same rule. If you have good cards, do not bet too hastily as this might make it obvious that you are in a good position.
      If the cards in your hand are bad by the same token, it is advised not to fold straight away. Believe it or not, it is still possible to win a game of Teen Patti even if your cards are very bad.
      Other players might drop out of the game and hand you the pot on a plate, so try to stay in.
  • 4

    Stay Calm and Play Sober

    • Just as with other online casino card games such as poker, it is important to avoid playing while emotional.
      It is easy to make bad decisions after a big loss, when it may be better to walk away.
      It is also advised never to bet while under the influence of alcohol, as this is likely to lead to poor betting decisions being made.
  • 5

    Practice for Free

    • Playing 3 Patti for free is a good idea until players are confident enough that they know the rules of the game inside out.
      Even then, it is advisable to start off playing with lower stakes.
  • 6

    Gain Experience

    • Teen Patti is the kind of card game where experience will count for a great deal.
      Players should not expect to become experts in the card game straight away. It will take a lot of time and practice to reach that level, but the effort is worthwhile to make a profit.

There are a lot of Indian casino sites to pick from and many have enticing welcome bonuses, offers for new players that are often the most generous bonuses you will receive from casinos.

The above-mentioned 3 Patti casino sites also offer massive welcome offers. You are free to pick one of them or even try all of them and decide your main place to play real cash Teen Patti games.

Different Types of Teen Patti Real Cash Games

On 3 Patti casino sites, you will find two different types of real cash Teen Patti games: Teen Patti Live Casino games and Teen Patti RNG games.

Teen Patti Live Casino Games:

3 Patti Live casino games are a new way to play Teen Patti in India. While live casinos in India are still quite a new invention, a lot of people have switched to these. 

3 Patti live betting is a good choice because it is more social than other 3 Patti games. You can also feel the speed and mood of a real casino with a real dealer.

We played one 3 Patti live game on Parimatch and this is what we found:

  • Teen Patti Live: Teen Patti Face Off by 7Mojos

    Teen Patti Face Off by 7Mojos

    Released in 2021, Teen Patti Face Off by 7Mojos is a live dealer poker game with a strong RTP of 97.50%. Playable on desktop and mobile, it offers diverse side betting options. Designed for Indian players, the game fuses Bet on Poker dynamics with Teen Patti rules, adding an inventive dimension to the traditional 3-card poker format.

    7Mojos' creation, Teen Patti Face Off, emerges as a captivating yet niche offering within the live casino realm. Seamlessly blending simplicity and engagement, it provides ample diversity to ensure sustained interest over extended gameplay sessions. The mechanics of Teen Patti Face-off closely align with those of the live casino 3-Card Poker.

    Teen Patti Face Off by 7Mojos 2

    During each round, the dealer arranges 6 cards into two distinct hands: Player A and Player B. Following this arrangement, the hands are meticulously evaluated, with the stronger poker hand emerging victorious. Placing a bet on the winning hand awards you a payout of 0.95:1, providing a simple yet compelling gaming experience.

Teen Patti RNG Games:

You can play Teen Patti RNG games alone. You just bet when you want, and the computer does everything. Unlike 3 Patti live games, you can play at your speed on the RNG games.

RNG stands for Random Number Generator, a tool that makes numbers without any pattern and plays an important role in fairly generating returns on your bets. For example, if you flip a coin, you can get heads or tails by chance. A random number generator can do the same with numbers.

Before casinos get valid licences, the authority checks casinos' RNG to see if it meets their regulatory standards. There're also third-party audit organisations like eCOGRA and iTech Lab that can certify games are honest and fair. For example, BC.Game has an iTech Lab certification on its website.

We played two RNG Teen Patti real cash games on Casino Days and BC.Game:

  • RNG: Teen-patti 20-20 by OneTouch

    Teen-patti 20-20 by OneTouch

    Step into the world of effortless excitement with Teen Patti 20-20, a poker-based gem crafted by OneTouch, renowned for its online casino offerings. Reminiscent of baccarat, this game unveils a captivating scenario where two hands take centre stage, inviting players to predict the superior hand.

    With seamless simplicity, players wager on higher-score hands dealt with intriguing three-card poker values. A realm of suspense awaits as hands are compared, offering a captivating twist. A cornerstone of popularity, Teen Patti delivers elegant excitement with three-card deals, aiming for the highest-ranking hand. The game employs a 52-card deck from twos to Aces, merging simplicity and strategy for victorious moments.

    Engage in the core wager, where choosing between Player A, Player B, or a Tie is mandatory. Once the bet is placed, both sides receive a trio of cards. The decisive moment arrives as their hands are pitted against each other, with victory awarded to the higher-ranked hand.

    Teen-patti 20-20 by OneTouch 2

    With an impressive Return to Player (RTP) of 93.59%, Teen Patti 20-20 made its market debut on November 11. If you're yet to explore this widely acclaimed game, we strongly recommend immersing yourself at your earliest convenience. The fresh release retains its elegantly straightforward rules and an enticing array of prizes. Embrace the modern aesthetics that promise to heighten your gameplay experience, making this iteration a must-try endeavour.

  • RNG: Teen Patti by Evo Play

    Teen Patti by Evo Play

    Introduced in 2019 by the developer, the rendition of Teen Patti by Evoplay has invigorated the Indian card game on multiple fronts:

    1. The gameplay is swift, catering to the pace preferred by contemporary Indian players seeking rapid victories.
    2. Rooted in classic poker's fundamental rules, it introduces the option for players to engage in blind betting.
    3. Characterized by exquisite design, the game offers universal compatibility, allowing seamless enjoyment on both Android and iPhone devices.
    Teen Patti by Evo Play 2

    In Teen Patti Face Off, players can aim for a maximum win of Rs. 200,000 while placing bets that range from a minimum of Rs. 70 to a maximum of Rs. 3,500. With a single deck in play, the Return to Player (RTP) stands at a favourable rate of 97.50%, promising a rewarding and engaging gaming experience for enthusiasts of this classic card game.

Depositing Real Cash with Paytm

To play Teen Patti real cash games, you need to find a casino that allows Indian banking options and, obviously, offer Teen Patti games.

Our listed Teen Patti casino sites allow local banking options popular among Indian players. You can deposit using a wide variety of Indian payment methods such as UPI, PhonePE and Rupay. International payment methods like Neteller, Skrill and Google Pay are also there.

Paytm is one of the popular payment methods for deposits. Follow these steps to fund your account with this option:

  1. Register an account for your Teen Patti casino of choice.
  2. Open the cashier, usually written as "Deposit" on the site.
  3. Click on Paytm, UPI or NetBanking.
  4. Enter your Paytm VPA or UPI ID and enter your deposit amount.
  5. Complete the payment process.
  6. Once Paytm has added the cash to your account, start playing 3 Patti games!

Teen Patti Real Cash APK: Download 3 Patti Casino Apps

The beauty of technology is that progress is constantly improving our betting options. As a result, casino apps for mobile devices are now available on many 3 Patti casino sites. You cannot download standalone Teen Patti real cash APK apps from them, but you can install their casino apps. They give you access to their entire game portfolio, including various Teen Patti games for real money and for free.

Steps to Allow Android to Download APK Files

Google Play doesn't allow gambling apps on their store, so you will need to download APK files from 3 Patti casino websites manually.

To begin with, you need to permit your device to access apps outside Google Play as follows:

  1. Navigate to "Settings ⚙" on your device.
  2. Open "Apps & Notifications".
  3. Select "Advanced" or the Menu icon (three dots at the top-right corner).
  4. Select "Special app access".
  5. Tap "Install unknown apps".
  6. Select the apps you want to allow sideload APK files.

Note: Old Android versions might show different paths.

Now that you have completed this process, you can download APK files from the casino operator sites.

Steps to Download APK Files to Install 3 Patti Casino Apps

  1. Sign up for an account at a 3 Patti casino of your choice.
  2. Find the casino app page, and tap "Download".
  3. A message will pop up on your screen, accept and continue.
  4. Confirm and install the casino app.
  5. Open the app and log in.
  6. Start playing your favourite 3 Patti real cash game.

Devices and apps need to be technically compatible. Some apps cannot work on outdated operating systems. So, remember to update your device OS, which also improves its security, before installing any 3 Patti casino apps.

  • Download APK files from trusted sources: It is highly recommended that you download APK files directly from casino websites or other trustworthy platforms, including our website. By doing so, you can avoid installing malicious files or counterfeit apps on your devices.

Final Thoughts - Teen Patti Real Cash Games & Casinos 2023

Real Cash Teen Patti is surely one of the most enjoyable card games for Indian players. Thanks to cutting-edge technologies, many variations of the game like Teen Patti Live and RNG titles have emerged.

Finding the right place that suits your needs is tough, but our guide and tips make it easier for you. Our listed 3 Patti casinos are all trusted and legit, so any of these would be a great option:

  • Casino Days
  • BC.Game
  • Parimatch

These Teen Patti casino sites cater to Indian players, switching on Indian rupees on player accounts, Indian banking options like Paytm as well as games favourable to Indian players. Mobile casino apps are also available for download with APK files.

So that was it! Now you're ready to play real cash Teen Patti games. Visit one of the 3 Patti casinos through our link and start winning today!

Where can I play Teen Patti real cash games?

Casino Days
  • Over 4000 Casino Games
  • ₹500 Minimum Deposit
  • Accepts UPI, PayTM, G Pay, AstroPay, Jeton, and more!
Read review
  • Instant Withdrawals
  • Trusted Crypto Casino for Indians (90+ Cryptocurrencies)
  • Online Community with Live Chat Feed
Read review
  • Massive Jackpots
  • 1000's of Casino Games
  • Fast Withdrawals
Read review

Teen Patti Casinos to Avoid

Here is a list of the Teen Patti casinos we believe Indian players should avoid. Not all casino sites are recommendable for certain reasons.

  • Casino Planet
    Casino Planet
    • Casino Planet has stopped its operation.

  • Genesis Casino
    Genesis Casino
    • Genesis Casino is no longer in operation.

  • Rizk
    • Not accepting players from India

  • Royal Panda
    Royal Panda
    • Not accepting players from India

  • LeoVegas
    • Not accepting players from India

  • Becric
    • Suspected scam site that doesn't let players withdraw money

    • Alarming number of 1 star reviews and complaints

    • No license information provided on site

  • Betzest
    • Bonus Problems

  • Lilibet
    • Withdrawal Issues

  • NetBet
    • Payment Problems


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