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Dragon Tiger: What Is It?

The Dragon Tiger casino game is one of the most popular, fun, and enjoyable casino card games. The rules are simple and easy to learn. Like Baccarat, you need to use two cards to play this game, not three. This game comes with high, richly coloured, and sharp graphic design.

You’ll find a red table designed with an amazingly drawn Dragon and Tiger facing off one another as if they are to clash. You’ll find some good sound effects and casino chips in this realistic and real-money casino game. Plus, the game’s dealer announces every time you win a round.  

How Does The Dragon Tiger Work?

Dragon Tiger has a user-friendly, intuitive design and layout. The cards are dealt in the Dragon and Tiger spaces, separated by a line. Below, you’ll find all the betting positions - Tie, Tiger, Dragon, and Suited Tie - that are also precisely depicted. 

To get started, determine the amount of money you can wager on the current hand. $500 is considered the overall table limit. For Tie bets, you can bet a maximum of €100. However, for Tiger or Dragon bets, you can place a maximum wager of €500 each. The value of the casino chips ranges between €5 to €500.

You’ll first have to pick a casino chip to place the bet. Then, you must choose one of the bet types and click on it. If you keep clicking it repeatedly, you’ll get more chips of a similar value. And once you’re all set to start the round, press the deal. You’ll even customize the game with a few of these options. You can adjust the dealer’s voice and the sound effects, set up Autoplay, or activate Squeeze.  

History of Dragon Tiger

Dragon Tiger is a realistic and amazing game with a great history. The game draws inspiration from East Asia’s 12,000-year-old art tradition of Tiger and Dragon.

The game also fused Casino War and Baccarat into a 2-card game that pitted the Tiger and the Dragon against one another. The dragon and tiger personalities are distinctive yet also related in East Asian culture, making the two beasts fatal adversaries. Whenever the wagering round is over, the cards for the Dragon and the Tiger are revealed, along with whose side’s hand has the greater value.

Although the standards and the actual game of Dragon Tiger are based on Casino War, the wagering mechanism has been modified from Baccarat. 

Dragon Tiger: Feature Bonus

There haven’t been any bonus rounds or free spins for the Dragon Tiger because this isn’t your ordinary slot game. Nevertheless, there’s also a fantastic feature at your disposal: thorough scoreboards. Towards the left of the table, you’ll find five scoreboards.

To get the overall perspective, drag your scoreboard toggle to the right after checking the quick view on the side. The scoreboards are useful if you aim to win the match by tactics. Naturally, you can’t necessarily foresee how the action will proceed because it’s still a guessing game. Having said that, you can consider the boards an effective tracking device.

Let’s take a fairly straightforward case where a Dragon result is reported four times at a stretch. You know that the chances for a Dragon or Tiger victory are equal. If you notice a winning streak for the Dragon position, you might change your wagers to the Tiger.

The greater scoreboard displays each hand’s winning sequence, such as D-D-T-D-T. The other board checks the results to see if it occurs repeatedly. The more you play the game, the more intricate the data updates on the boards. It’s a wonderful chance for gamblers to use a strategic style of play. 

How To Play Dragon Tiger Online

Dragon Tiger is among the simplest to understand of all the online casino games available on the internet. Owing to its simplicity, you don’t need to understand the strategy or rules before you begin to play.

How simple it is to learn to play Dragon Tiger is shown here:

  • Change the size of your wager on the Dragon Tiger board. 
  • Wager on the Tiger, Dragon, or Tie. 
  • Pause for the dealer to hand Dragon and Tiger a single card each. 
  • Watch the result. You triumph if the card on which you wager has a greater value. 

Basic Rules

The basics of Dragon Tiger are straightforward: two different cards are given in each round of play, one to the Tiger staking position and the other to the Dragon staking position. Without consideration of the suit, the position exposing the greater value card prevails.

Your objective is to stake money either on the Dragon or the Tiger and expect that it will be the winning card. There is also a Tie wager that pays if both the Tiger and the Dragon show similar cards. Gamblers that placed Tiger or Dragon wagers forfeit only 50% of the first wager when there’s a Tie. The King is considered the highest value card, whereas the Ace is considered the lowest in accordance with their natural values. 

Game Terms

When it comes to Dragon Tiger Baccarat, the dealer will present only the Tiger and the Dragon as contending cards. You can wager on which dealt card will have the higher value or if a tie would occur from the dealing.

The highest value card is indeed the King, while the lowest is the Ace. It ends there. Really simple, don’t you think?


  • You wager on the Dragon position to get it the highest ranking card - 1:1 


  • You wager on the Tiger position to get it the highest ranking card - 1:1 


  • You wager on the cards to have the same rank, regardless of the suit - 8:1

Bets & Payout

When it comes to betting on the Dragon Tiger game, you need to keep track of three bets - Tiger, Dragon, and Tie. The average win probability of the game is 46.26%. With the addition of the chance of a Tie, this game doesn’t fulfil the 50/50 probability criteria. Nevertheless, here’s a table that helps you better understand the bets and payouts of this casino game.

Bets Payout Way to Win Probability House edge RTP
Tie 8:1 or 11:1** Both Tiger and Dragon card has an equivalent value 7.47% 13.16% 89.64%
Tiger 1/1 Tiger position gets the highest value card 46.26% 3.73% 96.27%
Dragon 1/1 Dragon position gets the highest value card 46.26% 3.73% 96.27%

**The Tie payout will depend on whether or not the game has Suited Tie bet.

Side Bets

Although side bets are an excellent inclusion to this amazing casino game, you must know that side bets can be barely found at live tables of this game. However, looking at Evolution’s Dragon Tiger live table, you’ll find the Suited Tie bet over there. To get access to the other betting options, you may have to rely on the Dragon Tiger games developed by RNG Here’s a table representing the Dragon Tiger side bets, their payouts, house edge, and ways to win them.

Side Bets Payout Way to Win Probability House edge RTP
Big Tiger 1/1 The value of the Tiger card is over 7 46.15% 7.69% 92.31%
Big Dragon 1/1 The value of the Dragon card is over 7 46.15% 7.69% 92.31%
Small Tiger 1/1 The value of the Tiger card is below 7 46.15% 7.69% 92.31%
Small Dragon 1/1 The value of the Dragon card is below 7 46.15% 7.69% 92.31%
Suited Tie 50/1 Both Tiger and Dragon cards share the same value and suit 1.68% 13.98% 86.02%
Suit Dragon 3/1 The suit you wager on is with the Dragon card (here, 7 won’t be counted) 23% 7.69% 92.31%
Suit Tiger 3/1 The suit you wager on is with the Tiger card (here, 7 won’t be counted) 23% 7.69% 92.31%
Two Black 3/1 The black suit is with both Tiger and Dragon cards 23.10% 3.73% 92.31%
Two Red 3/1 The red suit is with both Tiger and Dragon cards 23.10% 3.73% 92.31%
Red & Black 1/1 Both Tiger and Dragon cards have unique colour suits 23.10% 3.73% 92.31%

Top 5 Real Money Casinos That Offer Dragon Tiger

Betway Casino

Betway casino needs no introduction as it is one of the leading brands in the online sports betting industry that features exceptional live casino games for Indian gamblers.

Except for the one-of-a-kind live Bollywood tables, the casino site offers three live Dragon Tiger casino games Evolution, Playtech, and Pragmatic Play. You can access this casino platform in both English and Hindi while enjoying a wide range of payment options for both withdrawals and deposits.  

Pure Win

Pure Win is an amazing casino site designed for the Indian gambling base with four language support, availability of Indian currency, and multiple Indian-tailored payment options like Gpay, Phonepe, or Paytm.

Although the casino site can’t be claimed the winner for offering the best Dragon Tiger game with the availability of only two tables, they are still considered an ideal choice for overall quality.  

Casino Days

If you are looking for a one-stop destination for all your Dragon Tiger game needs, Casino Days is your option. The site features a huge selection of live casino games.

You can find ten different Dragon Tiger tables from software providers like eBET, Super Spade, One Touch, Habanero, Ezugi, and Evolution. Also, you get thousands of slot games to play on this site, where the payment options are tailored to Indian facilities like Paytm and UPI.  


Parimatch is another best-in-class, popular casino site for sports betting, especially cricket, in India. The brand introduces a vast betting line with lucrative payouts, multiple payment modes, and high odds.

You can find live casino games like Dragon Tiger on this site. However, the game quality may not be as good as what you’d get from sites like Betway.  


If you’re looking for a casino site that lets easy access to the fun card game - Live Dragon Tiger, you have to look no further, as 10CRIC is here. The Dragon Tiger game at 10Cric will make you feel badass every time you’ll watch it over. You can grab big wins by playing this game on this site. 

Different Types Of Dragon Tiger Available

Here’s a list representing the various types of Dragon Tiger games available at real money casinos in India

  • Evolution Dragon Tiger Live - Available at Pure Win, Betway, Lucky Spins, Casino Days
  • Dragon Tiger One Touch - Available at Lucky Spins, Casino Days 
  • Ezugi Dragon Tiger Live  - Available at Lucky Spins, Casino Days
  • Habanero Dragon Tiger - Lucky Spins, Casino Days 
  • Pragmatic Play Live Dragon Tiger - Pure Win, Betway, Casibee

Live Dragon Tiger

Evolution Gaming created the live casino game - Live Dragon Tiger. The casino game is similar to Baccarat and is much easier. Live Dragon Tiger is a highly well-known card game in India because it’s playable with just two cards. The game’s quick action is what distinguishes it. Each round just requires about 25 seconds to finish. 

Mobile Dragon Tiger

Do you desire easy accessibility to your preferred Dragon Tiger tables? If so, download the Dragon Tiger app on mobile and receive access to the entire casino game selection since many gambling sites feature their own casino applications. Nevertheless, it’s not really required to find Android or iOS casino apps nowadays for your Dragon Tiger game installation needs. 

RNG Dragon Tiger

The RNG-powered Dragon Tiger casino game is housed in an exceptional digital studio with magnificent embellishments that include dragons and tigers, as well as a Chinese background similar to what you would see in Macau casinos.

The backdrop is East-Asian-themed owing to the rosy glow and, indeed, the carved Japanese sudare curtains in the foreground. It results in an outstanding gameplay experience when coupled with a table designed for speciality games. 

Tips & Tricks For Winning Dragon Tiger

Steer Clear Of Tie Bets

Tie bets must be avoided even though they pay eight on 1. That’s because there’s a 32.77% house advantage. Depending on 86,320 card permutations, the house has a 32.77% edge. In 79,872 out of 86,320 card pairings, you may lose the stakes. And given the fact that only 6,488 of 86,320 card possibilities are tie bets. 

Avoid Depending On Wagering Systems

Owing to its simplicity; Dragon Tiger may appear to be a casino game where wagering techniques can be effective. But take note: No gambling strategy will ever work as it’s, after all, a game of chance.  

Put Your Money On The Dragon Or The Tiger

The house advantage is 3.73% both for the Tiger and the Dragon. Since it is easy to implement, your greatest shot is always to place your wagers on either the Tiger or the Dragon. Place a wager on Dragon when you believe it has the winning hand. Put your money on Tiger if you believe it seems to have the winning hand. 

Know How To Count Cards

Dragon Tiger is a very straightforward casino game, making it ideal for card counting. For instance, one can count the number of 7s handed from the stack as they’re the losing hands. Cards with either a value of 8 or higher can be played using a similar tactic. To determine whether to wager on big or small, count the number of 8s handed from the stack. 

Where To Play Dragon Tiger Online

We thoroughly examined and analysed the whole of India’s finest Dragon Tiger gambling websites to ensure you get to play the game in some of the best locations available online. We examine every facet of the operators while looking for the top Dragon Tiger casino sites so that we can assign the site the appropriate rating.

So, here are the six brands offering the best Dragon Tiger online casinos in not only India but the whole of Asia, in our view.

  • PariMatch 
  • FairPlay 
  • PureWin 
  • Betway 
  • Casino Days 
  • Casibee 

Dragon Tiger Software Providers 

The market is full of software providers that have developed the one-of-its-kind and top-rated casino game - Dragon Tiger. However, there are only a few software providers that managed to keep up with the gambler community’s expectations in terms of quality, graphics, and ease of access to this game. So, here is a list of those few top software providers who developed the game Dragon Tiger:

  • Evolution 
  • Playtech 
  • Pragmatic Play 
  • RNG 
  • eBET 
  • Super Spade 
  • One Touch 
  • Habanero 
  • Ezugi 


Dragon Tiger is undoubtedly one of the most loved, adored, fun, and enjoyable card games one can play in an online casino in India. With the best-in-class software developers introducing their upgraded versions of the game on easily accessible Indian gambling sites, playing Dragon Tiger has become more fun and thrilling than ever. So, suit yourself with the rules and terms of the game and get started today!  


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