Manipur Online Lottery

If you are planning to participate in a lottery draw in Manipur, you are in for a treat. The state offers multiple lotteries draws on a single day, throughout the week. If you wish to try something new or could not buy a ticket due to the state laws, you can explore other options as well.

Read this article to get a clear picture of domestic as well as online lottery laws in Manipur.

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Lottery Laws in Manipur

Lottery laws in India function according to the Lottery Regulations Act of 1998. The act allows all the Indian states to create their lottery laws and decide whether they wish to legalise lottery in their respective territory or not. Thirteen Indian states preferred the former and Manipur is one of these states. 

Due to the popularity of the lottery in India, and the decent internet connectivity, lotteries are also available online. Let’s look at the laws that one should keep in mind while buying tickets through either of the modes. 


The absence of any laws to ban online gambling and betting in Manipur provides ambiguity to punters. They can purchase lottery tickets to some of the big rewarding international lottery laws and this may not land them into trouble.

Many other states in India have not specifically mentioned the ban on online gambling in their gambling laws. Like these states, players in Manipur can easily access the lotto websites. The fast internet connection in the city makes it even more convenient for the punters to stay updated with the draws. 

Also, international lotteries offer higher prizes as compared to domestic government lotteries. This is the reason why such websites are widely popular in Manipur and other states of India. However, the probability of winning such lottery draws is comparatively much less due to the large number of participants.


The Directorate of Lotteries in Manipur, following the state government, organises government lottery draws in the state. Multiple lottery schemes are organised in a single day, seven days a week. These schemes, prizes and the cost per ticket are revised once in a while. This means that you may not be able to participate in the same lottery that you may have had a few years back.

The tickets for the official state draws are sold through multiple authorised vendors spread across the state. These tickets are not allowed to be sold online. If you come across anyone selling the official lottery ticket online, it most probably is fake. The tickets sold through vendors should have a government stamp on them.

Only Indian citizens are allowed to buy official lottery tickets in Manipur. This means if you are visiting Manipur from any other country, you may not be able to buy the tickets. The best option for you would be to visit online lottery websites. Also, other state lottery tickets are not allowed to be sold in Manipur. This means you can only buy tickets from other states, like Assam or Nagaland, by visiting these states. 

How To Buy Lottery Tickets Online in Manipur

Many popular lotto websites are accessible from Manipur. Some of these websites are — Lottoland, Lotto247, Playhugelottos, theLottor and LottoSmile. These websites sell genuine tickets to some of the best international lotteries like EuroMillions, MegaMillions, US Powerball and EuroJackpot.

These online lotteries come with extra benefits compared to traditional government lotteries. These websites let the player select the number on their tickets, unlike traditional lotteries that come with pre-punched numbers. There is a “quick pick” option as well that randomly selects the numbers on lottery tickets.

  • 1

    Join A Lotto Site

    Register with one of the websites by submitting all the required information like name, date of birth, email ID or phone number.

  • 2

    Pick a Lottery

    1. Select the lottery draw
    2. Select the number of tickets you want to purchase.
    3. You can also select the draw days and times.
  • 3

    Buy the Tickets

    Make the payment for each ticket and each draw through available payment methods.

  • 4

    Check the Results

    Check the results at the time of the draw.

How To Buy Lottery Tickets Offline in Manipur

The only way to buy Manipur lottery tickets is through authorised vendors. The state government has appointed a network of ticket sellers across the state that sells official lottery draw tickets. These tickets contain the state stamp and cost INR 6 per ticket. This price is subject to change whenever the state makes any adjustments to the lottery. 

Currently, there are four lottery draws that are organised in a day; morning, day, evening and night. These draws happen seven days a week, bringing the total number of draws to 28 draws a week. Each draw has a different name. While the draws that take place at night are named after birds or animals like Seagull, Otter or Badger, other draws are named after flowers like Freesia, Dahlia, Begonia or Foxglove.

Manipur lottery distributes multiple prizes with the highest prize of INR 27 lakh to the person with all numbers and letters matching the draw. The draw event is organised in Moreh and is open to the public. The results also get updated on the official website approximately one hour after the draw.

If you win any prize, you need to visit the lottery department where you will have to submit a claim form accompanied by required documents like aadhar card, pan card and the winning ticket. The rewards can be claimed within 60 days of the draw after which the ticket will become invalid.

Lottery laws in Manipur are relatively liberal. One can get plenty of options, both online and offline. However, it is important to ensure that the tickets you purchase are genuine. The best option is to buy it from the designated vendor and not online. Also, ensure that the website from which you are buying international lottery tickets is licensed and regulated. All these points are important for your security. 


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