Best Online Lottery Sites in Meghalaya (2022)

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Lottery Laws in Meghalaya

You will be happy to know that both online and offline lotteries are legal in Meghalaya. But are these both available? Continue reading to know the current scenarios of both online and offline lotteries in Meghalaya and their accompanying laws and regulations.

Meghalaya Online Lottery

Online lotteries, other than state lotteries, are not banned in Meghalaya. A common interpretation of it is generally taken that online lotteries are legal in the state. The state government does not bar or penalise anyone who participates in such draws. However, there are certain laws and regulations that are in place.

Only the lottery websites that are based outside of the country and sell international lottery draw tickets, other than government-run lotteries, can be visited by the punters. Also, these websites should be regulated and licensed to prevent any fraud or loss of funds. 

Visiting these websites is easy. All you need is a mediocre internet connection. There are plenty of options available, both in terms of websites and lottery draws, that are accessible from Meghalaya. We have discussed some of these options in the latter half of this article.

Meghalaya Offline Lottery

The state government of Meghalaya chose to legalise government-run paper offline lotteries in 1982. The Ministry of Home Affairs permitted the state to conduct lottery draws in a regulated and fair manner. However, there has been a pause in the official lottery draws in Meghalaya since 2007.

The government lottery draws in Meghalaya were started with the aim to earn revenue that would later be utilised for the development of the state, primarily aiming toward improving the education and healthcare of the state and providing funds for sports. 

The noble cause of the lottery was not able to save it from becoming dormant. When it was live, it experienced significant engagement from the punters. However, since 2007, there has been no draw. Even after the authorities have declared a couple of times that they are planning to restart the draws soon, no activity has been seen on their part ever since.

How To Buy Lottery Tickets Online in Meghalaya?

Buying lottery tickets online in Meghalaya is a piece of cake. There is not much to do. All you need is an active internet connection and a payment mode that can be used for online payments. If you have both and want to buy tickets to some of the blockbuster international lotteries draws, then follow the steps given below.

  1. Choose a lottery website and make sure that it is licensed and genuine.
  2. Select the lottery draw you wish to participate in.
  3. Choose the number of tickets you wish to buy and the number of entries.
  4. Select the numbers on your ticket(s) manually or randomly through “Quick Pick”. 
  5. Complete the payment.
  6. Check the results by visiting the website on the day of the draw.

Websites like Lottoland, Lotto247, Playhugelottos, TheLotter, LottoSmile and Lottofy provide the convenience of buying world lotteries from the comfort of your home. These websites also offer some additional benefits and features which you may not be able to find in a traditional paper lottery.

For example, you can select the number on each ticket you purchase. This allows you to enter the draw with your lucky numbers, unlike traditional lotteries where numbers are pre-punched. 

Moreover, many of these websites buy original lottery tickets on your behalf through their local agents. They also send you a scanned copy of these tickets as proof.

Also, these lottery draws come with higher odds of winning, as the number of participants is quite significant. However, more the participants are, the larger the winning prize. Therefore, these lotteries offer much higher winning prizes than traditional lotteries. 

How To Buy Lottery Tickets Offline in Meghalaya?

At present, you cannot buy a state lottery ticket in Meghalaya. The draws have been dormant since 2007 and there is no concrete information on if and when the draws will resume. However, you may still come across some sites or YouTube pages that will display draw results. As a matter of fact, all such claims are false.

There is a number of websites available, some even with the official logo of the government, claiming to post official draw results. Some may even claim to live telecast it on YouTube. All these websites are being monitored, and some even taken down, by the state authority.

As there has been no draw, these websites are definitely a scam. All you can do is wait for any news or announcement from the state government of Meghalaya to know when the draws will resume.

Bottom Line

The Meghalaya state lottery is inactive at present. However, that does not mean that punters cannot participate in some very promising international lottery draws. All the lottery websites mentioned above are genuine and licensed and have a huge collection of lottery draws to choose from.

If you really wish to participate in the traditional paper lottery, for that extra thrill, keep looking for the latest updates by the Director of State Lottery of Meghalaya. 


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