Tamil Nadu Online Lottery

Thirteen states in India have officially legalised state-owned lotteries under the Lottery Regulations Act, 1998. The same act allows each state to have their own rules regarding the lottery and Tamil Nadu chose to ban lotteries in the state.

However, there are other ways through which one can participate in lotteries. Read this article to know how to participate in lottery draws if you live in Tamil Nadu.

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Lottery Laws in Tamil Nadu

Tamil Nadu is one of those Indian states that have very strict laws when it comes to gambling. The state has proposed its point of view regarding gambling many times and dislikes such activities in any form, whether online or offline.

The following is detailed information concerning the gambling laws in Tamil Nadu for both online and offline platforms.


While other Indian states tried to remain closed about online gambling laws, Tamil Nadu released an ordinance to ban it. It proposed to add the word ‘cyberspace’ to their gambling act that will strictly prohibit anyone from participating on such platforms. 

An amendment to the existing gambling laws was proposed in Tamil Nadu, which mentioned that no citizen shall bet or wager using a communication, gaming device, or computer. This amendment was proposed on 4th February 2021 but was later denied by the Madras High Court.

The decision came out as a relief for punters as well as gambling website operators. People residing in Tamil Nadu can visit these websites and buy lottery tickets to the available international lotteries at their own risk. This situation has led to the growing popularity of lottery apps in India, particularly in states like Tamil Nadu, where such platforms provide a convenient and accessible means for participating in international lotteries.

However, the Public Gambling Act of 1867 still applies in the state where everyone is barred from participating in public gambling houses. Also, these gambling websites should be based outside the country. 


Public gambling houses are strictly prohibited in Tamil Nadu. The state uses two laws; the Madras City Police Act of 1888 and the Tamil Nadu Gaming Act of 1930. Both acts forbid any form of gambling in the state. While the Tamil Nadu Gaming Act is concerned with communities and smaller towns, the Madras City Police Act examines the gambling activities in the capital Chennai.

The only type of gambling that is legal within the boundaries of Tamil Nadu is horse race betting. Other than that, anyone found participating in any form of gambling can be punished with a fine or jail time. The punishment is more strict for the organisers than for punters. 

One may find gambling places in Coimbatore or Chennai. However, they are all illegal. There are frequent incidents of people getting arrested or fined for organising or participating in such activities. Tamil Nadu has always been open about its dislike of gambling. It also opposes the idea of online gambling; however, its attempts to ban such platforms did not come into action.

How To Buy Lottery Tickets Online in Tamil Nadu

People in Tamil Nadu can visit online gambling or lottery sites through their mobile phones or computers. However, the gambling laws in Tamil Nadu clearly state that games of chance or luck that include monetary transactions are considered illegal.

As visiting a website through your mobile phone or computer includes a very less chance of getting monitored, players are still suggested to play at their own risk. A few people have been arrested for getting caught participating in online international lotteries.

However, if you still wish to buy international lottery tickets through websites like Lottoland, Lotto247 and Multi Lotto, you can follow the steps below at your own risk.

  1. Visit a lottery website that is regulated and accepts players from India.
  2. Register with the lottery website. It would require your personal details like name, age, phone number/email, and banking details for making payments.
  3. Select the lottery from the given options. Online lottery sites offer international lotteries: Powerball, Euro Million, Mega Million, SuperEnazLotto and EuroJackpot.
  4. Select the number of tickets you wish to buy. Then select the number on the tickets or use the ‘Quick Pick’ option to pick the numbers randomly.
  5. Add the ticket(s) to your cart and complete the payment. 

Make sure to check the results on the draw dates you selected while purchasing the ticket.

How To Buy Lottery Tickets Offline in Tamil Nadu

You cannot buy lottery tickets in Tamil Nadu as it is an illegal activity under the laws of the state. People from other states, where the lottery is legal, are also barred from selling the tickets inside the state's boundaries.

If you are residing in Tamil Nadu and wish to buy a lottery ticket, you can visit the neighbouring states, like Kerala, Goa or Maharashtra, where the lottery is legal. But, it should be purchased outside the state and not within the boundaries.

When buying tickets from other states, one must ensure that it is an original ticket from the state lottery. States sell the original lottery tickets through authorised vendors. The tickets also have a state stamp on them. Buyers must make sure to check the stamp as purchasing an unofficial lottery ticket can land them in trouble. 

Bottom Line

Following the rising popularity of online gambling in India, online lottery has revolutionised the gaming scene there. Even though Tamil Nadu has widely expressed its dislike for gambling, many people in the state still participate in such activities, in one way or the other. If you are in Tamil Nadu and participate in such activities, online or offline, you can land in legal trouble.

Although the shift in the view of India as a whole is changing towards gambling as many states have come up with liberal laws for online and offline gambling, we can only expect that Tamil Nadu may also accept these platforms like its neighbouring states.


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