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Online Gambling Using bet365 in India

Bet365 is one of the biggest betting brands in the world - but is Bet365 legal in India?

Sports fans in the country love to have a bet on major events such as the Indian Premier League, but there is still quite a lot of confusion about India's online gambling laws.

That means a lot of people will be unsure of whether or not they are at risk of breaking any rules if they opt to sign up for a Bet365 account in India.

Our full guide to whether or not Bet365 is legal in India has all the answers, so read on for more.

Is Bet365 legal in India?

For Indian sports fans, it is not always easy to keep up to date with gambling industry news.

Bet365 might be known as one of the largest betting companies on the planet, for many people will be unsure over whether it is legal to use Bet365 for online sports betting in India.

However, there are no specific laws against gambling on sport through the internet in India.

One of the main rules for people to be aware of surrounds the conversion of currency in India. Due to strict controls over currency conversion, people need to be able to bet in rupees.

As Bet365 offers Indian sports fans the chance to bet in rupees, Bet365 is legal in India. The online gambling laws of India are worth going over again, though so let's do that next.

Gambling laws in India

India does not have any central government laws either allowing or forbidding sports betting.

Instead, the laws are set by states in India, but most of them follow the Public Gambling Act of 1867. It goes without saying that as these laws were drafted so long ago, there is nothing in them about online betting, which means that Bet365 is legal in India - as are other sites.

Gambling in a common gaming house or a public place is prohibited in India under the law. However, due to the fact Bet365 is an internet-based sports betting operator, it does not provide gambling in a common gaming house or a public place, so it does not break this law at all.

India also prohibits betting on games of chance. However, sports betting is deemed to involve skill rather than being a game of chance, which means that Bet365 is legal to use in India.

Bet365 also has its base outside of India, which is another reason why Bet365 is legal in India. So with sports fans assured that Bet365 is legal in India, how do users create a new account?

Step by Step Guide for Creating a bet365 Account From India

Anyone who has used the internet to bet on sport before will likely be familiar with the process for creating a Bet365 account from India as it is very similar to a lot of other sports betting sites.

Clicking join from the Bet365 homepage will take users to the registration form. It is also possible to click through to create a Bet365 account from India on our own site right here or through the bet365 betting app.

In the first registration window, Bet365 will ask the new user to fill in a variety of details. As well as their full name and title, they have to give their date of birth to prove they are old enough to bet. An email address and a phone number must be provided as well as a home address too.

Users who are creating a Bet365 account from India will then be asked to set the username and password they want to use. It is vital to remember these as they are used to log in at Bet365. As part of the process for creating a Bet365 account from India, users also need to set a four-digit security number which will also be used as login details when they place bets on this site.

One of the important steps of creating a Bet365 account from India is checking the terms and conditions. Users need to confirm they have read the Bet365 terms and conditions before they will be able to proceed any further. After doing this, users can press the button to join Bet365 and this will complete the first step of the process, meaning they join tens of millions of customers.

How to Legally Deposit and Withdraw Money From bet365 in India

After creating a Bet365 account from India, sports fans in the country will next need to learn how to legally deposit and withdraw money from Bet365 in India before they can place any bets.

As we mentioned above, India's strict rules and regulations around currency conversion means that it is crucial betting sites allow their customers to bet in rupees. Due to the fact that Bet365 allows Indian users to bet in rupees, it is simple to legally make a deposit into this betting site.

To make a deposit into Bet365 in India, users can pick from a range of excellent local payment methods. Some of the most popular ways to legally deposit funds into Bet365 accounts in India include the likes of UPI and PhonePe, but there are plenty of good banking options to pick from.

Each payment method has different limits for withdrawals and deposits but it is possible to check these out in advance before deciding which online payment method to use at Bet365. After selecting a banking option, users just need to enter how much they want to deposit. This amount must be under the maximum deposit limit for that particular Bet365 payment method.

The deposit should then be processed instantly, allowing users to get up and running at Bet365. To withdraw cash, the process is the same - users must pick the same payment method here.

Step by Step Guide for Verifying a bet365 Account From India

Like a lot of the top online sports betting sites in India, Bet365 wants its users to be safe and secure. In order to achieve this, verifying a Bet365 account from India is an important step.

In order to verify a Bet365 account from India, users must go through a process that is termed in the online gambling industry around the world as "Know Your Customer" or KYC for short. KYC is a two-step process with Indian sports fans having to provide proof of their identity. This makes sure they are not pretending to be anyone else when they bet online on sports in India.

Supporting documents such as an official ID will need to be uploaded to the Bet365 system. This makes sure that personal details such as the user's name and date of birth match those which were provided when they were creating a Bet365 account from India a little bit earlier on.

Bet365's KYC team will carefully check the supporting documents as part of the process for verifying a Bet365 account from India, with confirmation provided by the site via email. Users who create a Bet365 account from India have 28 days to verify their account at Bet365. Until sports fans have completed this vital step, they will be blocked from performing some actions.


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Last updated: 9/24/2021