Gambling Laws in India (2020)

To start, gambling was first prohibited in India under the Public Gambling Act of 1867. The act prohibits operating or visiting public gambling establishments, but it has no mention of online gambling. Gambling across India as a whole is very restricted with this law, but lotteries and horse racing are legal across the majority of states in India.

The Federal Information Technology Act of 2011, was passed to restrict online gambling activities by holding internet service providers accountable for ensuring foreign betting sites are blocked. But, this law does not prohibit residents of India from accessing and using online and offshore gambling sites.

Overall, online gambling is still a grey area, essentially making it legal for Indian residents to gamble online using offshore casinos and bookmakers, that are legal and licensed in their territories. Offshore gambling sites (like the ones listed on BettingGuide) operate in this grey area where there is still no explicit law against online gambling for players from India.

Residents of India can gamble legally on betting sites such as bet365, Betway, and all of the gambling sites on BettingGuide, as they are offshore, legal and licensed. Compare our list of the best betting sites in India for 2020 that accept Indian players and deposits in Indian Rupees.

States in India with Gambling Laws

Goa, Daman, and Sikkim are three states that legalised land casinos in India while Sikkim and Nagaland have both legalised certain forms of online gambling. However, online gambling is completely prohibited in the state of Maharashtra.

In most other Indian states, there are no specific laws regarding online gambling, which makes it a legal grey area. It is neither legal or illegal to gamble online, but we have not seen any records of any Indian residents being prosecuted or charged for the offense of online gambling, and there are plenty of bookmakers offering gambling products for Indian customers. The law simply states that gambling providers may not operate on Indian territory unless expressly allowed by individual states.

But, almost all betting sites and online casinos are located outside of India, and it is completely legal and possible for Indian players to join and play. The Indian government is aware that millions of Indians currently engage in online gambling, but they have not made any laws to make it illegal. Online gambling is currently being debated in India, and they are deciding whether to legalise gambling in India completely.

FAQ about Indian Gambling Laws

Is it legal to gamble online in India?

Yes it is legal to gamble in India, except for in the state of Maharashtra, where all forms of online gambling are prohibited.

Is it safe to gamble online from India?

Yes it is safe. We have not seen or heard of anyone being prosecuted for gambling online using legal gambling sites such as bet365.

Is online cricket betting legal in India?

In short, yes it is legal as there is no law strictly prohibiting customers from India from betting on cricket online, using legal, offshore betting sites such as Betway and bet365.

Are online casinos legal in India?

Yes, offshore online casinos are legal in India, and some states such as Goa and Sikkim have legalised land based casinos.

Is online betting legal in India?

Yes, online betting is legal in India if you are using offshore, legal and licensed operators.