European Roulette Online in India

European roulette is the most popular form of roulette in the world offering an easy to understand layout and high winning probalities with the house advantage at just 2.63%. Learn all about European roulette in this complete guide and the best places to play European roulette online in India.

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Best Online European Roulette Casinos in India (2024)

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European Roulette Guide

There aren't many differences between the European, American, and French versions of Roulette. The general gameplay is very similar; however, there are some minor tweaks in the overall design and layout. This helps ensure that it offers subtle differences between all the roulette games. 

Amongst all online casinos in India, European Roulette is the most preferred one. The majority of the players choose to play this casino game for its massive popularity. Besides, it provides a remarkable earning chance to all players. This is because the house advantage is merely 2.63%. 

European Roulette offers some of the top quality graphics, just quite similar to that of others. However, it provides a completely different experience on the whole. Players of European Roulette will be welcomed with the same video package. It efficiently helps in opening up all the roulette games right from the developer. From here, you will be able to see the game screen clearly. 

It is true that European Roulette is one of the most popular casino games for both online and offline players. Here, the betting procedure is quite simple, and the games are very easy to play. Today, through this comprehensive guide, you will learn everything that you need to know about playing European Roulette.

European Roulette comes with a total of 37 pocket wheels, where one is labelled zero. Here, in this casino game, you can efficiently select your chip and simply press the spin button. Once the wheel stops spinning, the players will eventually find out whether they are lucky enough to win. 

While playing this game, you can also press the reset button so that you can play again after the first round. You also have the option to abandon playing. Here, you will find two specific categories that will determine the bet you can place while playing Roulette. These are broadly known as outside bets and inside bets.

European Roulette - What is it?

European Roulette is nothing but a complete game of chance. Here, the participants attempt a prediction on where the roulette ball will land on the spinning roulette wheel. It can make its landing on any of the 37 numbers that are already written on the wheel. 

Ever since European Roulette was introduced, it has been thriving. Over time, European Roulette has gained massive popularity and recognition in both online and offline casinos. You will find this wheel game across the majority of land-based and online casinos. 

Modern-day Roulette has been played ever since Luis and Francois Blanc introduced the single-zero version in 1843. And presently, it is the key distinction that distinguishes this casino game from all other variants. 

European Roulette broadly differs from American Roulette because it comes with only a single 0. But in this regard, it has quite a similarity to French Roulette. However, it has a slightly different layout and certainly doesn’t include the rules like “La Partage.” 

How Does European Roulette Work? 

European Roulette is quite simple, and fun to play some free online roulette games. First of all, you will not require any official account to play this game. It comes for free, so there are no charges incurred within this game. 

This free roulette game comes with a plethora of advantages to both new and experienced players. So, players have a remarkable chance of testing the software and learning how to play. Besides, they also learn how to place bets, thereby evaluating the speed of online roulette casino games. 

You will find an enormous database of games that top-notch global developers provide. Here, the players have the opportunity to select from the games that they like. If you wish, you can also try out some demo variants of online roulette games. Some of them include French, American, English, European, Multi-Ball, Premier Diamond, Double Bonus Spin, etc. 

Players get to free casino games like European Roulette and learn remarkable new skills. This will actually benefit both experienced and new casino players. 

History of European Roulette 

You will be surprised to know that the history of European Roulette dates back to 1655. During that time, a renowned French scientist, Blaise Pascal, created the first incessant motion machine. The name European Roulette means “small wheels” according to French etymology. 

Initially, it was nothing but an ordinary game that was broadly played in monasteries. Mostly, European Roulette was played just for fun and adventure. Eventually, it found its way into the French brick-and-mortar casinos. Further, Luis Blanc and Francois Blanc came up with their first casino in Hamburg, Germany, in 1843. 

European Roulette is the first roulette game of its kind that comes with a single slot of “0”. During the 1860s, Germany banned gambling, forcing the Blancs to relocate their casino to Monte Carlo. They eventually transformed the place, only to make it the epicentre of European gambling. 

The rules of European Roulette are quite simple and easy to understand. So both new and experienced players can have the best time while playing this online casino game.

European Roulette - Real Money Casino of India

European Roulette provides some of the best winning odds. It is one of the most trending real money online roulette games that is broadly available in India.

When it comes to playing, European Roulette is the easiest game to play on roulette apps and sites. In other words, playing European Roulette is relatively easy for all players of online casino games, including Lightning Roulette. Not only are the game rules easy to learn, but playing the game is also quite easy.

Plenty of online casino guides will teach you different strategies for this roulette game. You will also get a detailed understanding of the techniques of playing European Roulette. But first, it is crucial for you to have a clear understanding of how things in a roulette operate. This includes roulette tables, chips, wheels, etc.

As a player, it is important for you to place your chips on your ideal bet. After that, you need to press the “spin” button. Once the betting round is over, you can choose to press the clear button to quit. But if you wish to play another round, you can press the reset button.

Remember that you need to place your bets before the dealer throws the ball. Eventually, the online roulette casino game will spin automatically.

We have already noted that the European Roulette wheel has 37 distinctive divisions. The numbers that can be found in this roulette wheel range from 1 to 36, and 0 is a single pocket. The roulette pockets from 1 to 36 are coloured red and black alternatively. However, the single zero is marked in green colour.

The main objective is to predict the numbered pocket in which the roulette ball will settle. To do that, all the players place their bets on a specific number. Further, the dealer turns the roulette wheel in one direction while spinning the roulette ball in the opposite. Eventually, the ball finds its way into any particular pocket. And once it falls into any particular pocket, the respective players get paid for winning their bets.

Top 5 Real Money Casinos Offering European Online Roulette

Discover some of the finest European Roulette casinos in 2024 and practice for free. You can also make the best use of this resource and learn how to learn. But first, let us take a quick look into the top real money casino apps that offer European Roulette. Some of them even give out real money and provide an absolutely wholesome experience.

Here are a few online casinos that will let you have a once-in-a-lifetime experience while playing online European Roulette games.


Pure Win

Pure Win is another popular gambling platform that offers a wide variety of casino games. In comparison to all other online gambling sites, PureWin is 100% genuine. Here, you can play Roulette, win real money, and have the greatest experience.

Casino Days

Casino Days

Casino Days offer more than 250 different live casino games. And out of these games, you will find some normal roulette stables and speedy ones. Are you looking forward to winning some real money? Try your hands on European Roulette and play the best real money games on Casino Days.


Parimatch Casino

Parimatch offers an enormous range of Roulette games for all Indian players. You will find everything from real money slot versions to live casinos that will keep you entertained throughout the gaming experience.


Fun88 Casino

If you’ve always desired to make some big winnings on European Roulette, you can consider placing your bets on Fun88. Here, you will also get to play a plethora of online casino games, including Blackjack, slots, etc.

Step-by-Step Guide for Playing European Roulette

It is true that playing European Roulette is super fun and thrilling to play for both new and experienced players. This online roulette game lets you learn all the ideal moves and make a proper playing plan. 

The European Roulette wheel consists of 37 pockets, having the numbers 1 to 36 plus a 0. All you need to do is choose your desired chip and place it on any of the 37 pockets within the wheel. After that, you will have to press the spin button on your device. 

Once the wheel starts spinning, the roulette ball spins in the opposite direction. Eventually, it makes a landing on any of the 37 pockets. You should remember that your winning chances entirely depend on luck and the applied gaming strategy for roulette games. Players can also place their bets in European Roulette several times. In other words, they can place their bets as long as they have a minimum required deposit. 

Players get the opportunity to play both free and real money games on European Roulette. 

Here is a step-by-step guide to playing European Roulette: 

  • Step 1: Firstly, you must choose your chip and place it on any of the 37-pocket wheels. 
  • Step 2: After that, you need to press the “Spin” Button. 
  • Step 3: The wheel spins automatically and settles in any of the pockets. 
  • Step 4: Finally, the winning number is determined right after the wheel stops spinning.

Basic Rules 

European Roulette is played on a 37-number wheel with a single zero. The betting process of online European Roulette is relatively easy. Here, the player needs to place their chips on their desired bet and press the “Spin” button. 

And once the betting round is over, the players can consider placing another bet. Also, if they wish to abandon the game, they clearly do so. 

Game Terms 

European Roulette is most commonly found in European and Asian casinos. In this roulette version, only one zero is used, thereby lowering the house edge. Additionally, the en-prison rule of European Roulette enables players to recover half of all even-money bets. And this is applicable only if the roulette ball lands in the 0 pockets.

How to Place Bets?

In European Roulette, all the players place their bets on a specific number. After that, the dealer turns the roulette wheel in one direction and spins the roulette ball in the opposite. The ball eventually finds its way into any pocket within the roulette wheel. And the respective player who placed their bet in that particular pocket number. 

European Roulette Payouts 

The online betting game only comes with a specific house edge of 2.63%. However, this can result in an RTP of 97.3%, which obviously might differ between casinos and games. But most commonly, the payouts stay particularly within these margins. Thus, the payouts of the pioneering online casinos have an equivalent RTP or even higher.

The payouts for inside bets in European Roulette are:

  • Single number: 35:1
  • Double Numbers (either vertically or horizontally: 17:1
  • Triple numbers in a row: 11:1
  • Four Numbers in a row:8:1
  • Six Numbers in a row: 5:1

The payouts for outside bets in European Roulette are: 

  • Columns of 12 numbers have a payout of 2:1.
  • Dozens with the same payout of 2:1.
  • Odd or even: 1:1
  • Red or black: rewarded 1:1
  • Bigger numbers or smaller numbers: 1:1.

You should note that the last three payout options are also known as equal chance bets.

European Roulette - What are the Various Types of Games Available?

In European Roulette, players enjoy the various types of games available across the internet. Some of the most popular ones include: 

  • Arcane Real Chaos 
  • Wide Worlds 
  • Dead or Alive 2 
  • Temple of Nudges, etc. 

Here, we have also listed some of the modes of playing all the available games in European Roulette:

  • Live

Live European Roulette is, so far, the most popular online live casino game. Players can place their bets and watch a live dealer spin an actual roulette wheel in real time. So what are you waiting for? Start placing your bets at the top online casinos while dealers help in the spinning wheel. 

  • Video

Video European Roulette is an excellent way to win bets. So whether you are playing a bet or black slot on a single zero planet, Video European Roulette will give you world-class entertainment.

  • Mobile 

Mobile games are advancing with every passing day. European Roulette is no exception. You can always consider placing your bets in this online casino game from anywhere and at any hour.

  • RNG 

RNG is nothing but a free roulette number generator. This version of European Roulette enables other people to place their bets and play as their paragraphs. 

  • Free Versions 

European Roulette is the most prominent version of the roulette games. So, while placing your bets in this game, it is not necessary that you will have to make payments. Also, if you are a novice and have never played this online casino game before can consider playing the free version; it is imperative to find out the demo versions of the different game variations.

European Roulette - Software Providers and Developers

The software providers of Roulette have all the necessary licences and objectives. Their gaming procedures and products have been tested innumerable times. The online casino roulette software providers have literally stood the test of time. In other words, you must always be vigilant and lean, especially in critical thinking about real-money games. 

Here, we have listed some of the most prominent software providers of online European Roulette: 

  • Evolution Gaming 
  • Playtech 
  • Microgaming 
  • NetEnt 
  • Novomatic 
  • Extreme Live Gaming 
  • Play’n Go 
  • IGT 
  • Scientific Games 
  • Authentic Gaming 
  • iSoftBet 
  • Felt, etc. 

To Conclude 

European Roulette is a world-class table game that blends remarkably with quality graphics. Thus, players get to experience very comfortable gameplay. Besides, there are absolutely no unnecessary gimmicks and gadgets to speak of. It only provides realistic and pure roulette fun. 

This comprehensive guide is here to help you better understand this casino game. European Roulette works like a steadfast symbol within the industry. A crucial aspect that must be considered is that all gambling endeavours must be coupled with disciplined behaviour. 

After a careful analysis of every detail, we can conclude that it’s one thriving casino game within the UK market. Besides, European Roulette comes with the highest returns that are topped only by Blackjack. Nevertheless, this high payout is an average provided by the platform. In fact, each game has the capability of having a fluctuating RTP. 


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